Does your CONTENT Convert Into CLIENTS?
Learn the same steps I follow to work less and make more by creating a Visibility plan that creates content that converts into clients!  You can get more done in less time (and move the needle towards consistent clients and cashflow) when you’re focusing on the right priorities and have an implementable plan where it's easy to take action.
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Step-by-Step 30-Day Email & Content Action Plan 

Let's roll up our sleeves and actually start adding consistency to getting more clients in this live training!

Jennifer Dunham

Your Content, Cash-flow and Client-flow Expert and Your Online "Get-It-Done" Hostess ;-)

Stop Procrastinating...and Create your Visibility Plan for the next 
30-days so you can GET MORE CLIENTS!

More Certainty, Less Procrastination
Many people struggle with HOW to make a plan that Leverages their time, skills, knowledge and resources. 

It's time you END Procrastination with a plan to increase visibility so you can nurture your leads into becoming clients over the next 30-days!

You will have Endless RELIEF knowing exactly what you will be doing next.

And no more wondering what to write!
Build your Visibility Plan
You must be seen in order be heard...

We start designing and building Your 30-Day Email & Content Plan and your next steps for your Visibility and Promotional Strategy in just 6 hours...

We start by mapping your ideal client messaging into your visibility plan.  

We cover setting achievable goals and scheduling consistent email nurturing aligned with your content and promotions.  
You will experience the most productive 6 hours you've EVER spent and will walk away with the steps necessary to complete your 30-day plan for decreasing the time it takes to create your emails and content and instead, improve YOUR Content ROI.  

You'll learn and achieve more in our 6 hours together than you have in the past year when it comes to Strategically Planning for email and content that converts into clients!

Let's Get Started!

In this 6-hour workshop...

  • Sprinkle in your strengths and align your ideal client messaging into your emails and content.
  • Map your promotions and offers into your 30-Day plan
  • Pick the platforms that make the best sense for your business.
  • ​Start your content diet by doing this ONE thing immediately.
  • Easily select your themes and subtopics and add them to your calendar.  It's easier than you think!
  • Learn the #1 Key to shave hours off your content creation time.
  • Do the work during the workshop, get support and share your ideas. You’re not doing this alone!
  • ​Go at your own pace in this 6 hour recorded workshop so you can stop, take action, and get it done!
Thinking about joining me at my online 30-Day Content Planning "Get-it-Done" workshop?

These female entrepreneurs have created their action plans using my formula in order to generate consistency of their clients and cashflow.

Check out what they had to say...

STOP!  So, What Is This Live 30-Day Content Planning “Get-it-Done” 
Workshop All About...
And What Do We Actually Get Done in our 6 Hours Together?
Normally $397, but only $97 for a limited time.

How It Works...

How much could you grow your business if you had the certainty of a stable, predictable and scalable flow of prospects and customers to your business?

Would you pay $97 to learn the step-by-step formula I follow when I create successful Content Action plans to create more visibility and credibility that continues to bring in new leads month after month and nurtures the leads I already have?  

Would you like to join me in an Advanced workshop where I show you the best of my best?  

On this online Get-it-Done Workshop, you'll get to spend 6 Hours with me, and discover how I used this formula to start building my email list and have used it to grow my following consistently.  This simple process works for every niche and industry...you just gotta do it the right way!

This is how it works...

Step #1: Put in your credit card by clicking here now to reserve your spot.

Step #2: You attend the 6 hour workshop with me, Jennifer Dunham. I will be sharing with you my process step by step to map out your 30-Day Email and Content Action plan and you will "get-it-done" during the workshop. You will be able to participate in an open Q/A session so you can ask all your burning questions. You will walk away with a checklist of what you need to complete your plan.

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Visibility is just 1 pillar in creating a successful online business. I use something called the 'Profitable Lifestyle Formula' for making sure I have all 7 of the foundational must-have pillars in place when running a successful online business that focuses getting more clients.
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"Working with Jennifer has been great because she puts together a plan tha's easy to implement. It's very achievable. She breaks down the proess into small parts where you can implement your plan and move FORWARD very QUICKLY."

Cathy W.